Alexandros Film


The company Alexandros Film Co Ltd, was founded by prestigious director Iannis Smaragdis in 1985. The company is active in the audio and visual department emphasizing in high quality feature films, television series and documentaries.

Feature films

2014: KAZANTZAKIS – post-production of international co-production film, about the life and works of renowned Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis and based on his autobiography REPORT TO GRECO. The film is scheduled to be released in November 2017.

2012: GOD LOVES CAVIAR International co-production epic period film. The film is about Ioannis Varvakis, a Greek-Russian benefactor who lived both in Greece and in Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The film’s intention is to bring together the different cultures of Russia and Greece.


*Official Participation at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012

*Official Participation at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2012

*Official Participation at the Pantalla Pinamar International Film Festival 2012

2007: EL GRECO – International co-production film.

*Box office success in Greece (1.200.000 tickets sold)


*8 State Awards in 2007: (Best Feature film, Best Direction, Best Music-by Vangelis, Best Photography, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Make-up).

It was also voted as Best Film by the audience and by the Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians.

*First Prize for actor Juan Diego Botto at the Cairo International Film Festival 2008

*GOYA award for costume designer Lala Huete.

*Wisdom Award (Vraveion Sophiis) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Delphi, Greece.

*International Award “GIUSEPPE SCIACCA 2008”, Rome – Italy.

*The Euro – American Women’s Council’s Award in Santa Barbara, California.

*International Award Artemis


*Official Participation at the Toronto International Film Festival 2008.

CBC channel of Canada officially classified EL GRECO among the five best films of the festival.

*Official Participation at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2008

*Official Participation at the European Film festival of the American Film Institute in Washington 2008

*Official Participation at the Cairo International Film Festival 2008

*Official Participation at the Guadalajara International Festival 2009

1996: CAVAFY – Feature film

State award for Best Feature film, as well as three more state awards

Two international awards for the score of Vangelis at the film festivals of Ghent in Belgium and Valencia in Spain

Official participation in the film festivals of Berlin, Toronto, London, Jerusalem, San Francisco and 50 others

Released in theatres in Paris 12 years ago, where it is still screened.

A box office record in Greece

Greek nomination in the 1997 European Film Awards

1983: HOMECOMING SONG – feature film. State award for Best Feature. It has participated in many international film festivals.

1981: A GOOD NIGHT TO YOU MR. ALEXANDRE – TV Film. A tribute to the life and work of Greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis. It has been broadcasted by numerous television stations abroad and has been bought by many museums. It has been broadcasted in Greece 30 times

1975: ZERO CELL – Feature Film. An official participation in many film festivals around the world



2009: LOOKING FOR IOANNIS VARVAKISDocumentary about Greek-Russian benefactor Ioannis Varvakis. Official Participation at the 12th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2010.

Official Participation at the Jihlava Documentary Film Festival 2010.

2004: SPYROS LOUISa tribute to the first Greek Modern Olympic Winner, Marathon runner Spyros Louis (50’).

First International Award «Guirlande d’ Honneur 2004» in SPORTS MOVIES Festival in Milan, Italy.

2003: CHRISTIAN MONUMENTSa documentary on the Christian Monuments of Greece, with the participation of the Archbishop of Greece. (50’)

1998: “I’VE BROUGHT TO ART…” – Forty 5min segments of cultural content for the Greek Television ET1

1990-1993: THUS SPAKE THE CITY – 32 film essays, 30min each. Poets and Cities. It has been broadcasted by many TV stations abroad and bought by many universities including HARVARD UNIVERSITY and BOSTON COLLEGE in U.S.A. It has also been shown in numerous museums internationally.

1986: SMILING ON THE WAY – Eight documentaries, 30 minutes each. For the Greek National TV




2001: TA HAIDEMENA PAIDIA – TV series. Eighteen 32min. episodes for the Greek Television ET1

1989: HUSH…OUR COUNTRY IS SLEEPING – Television series. Thirteen 45min. episodes. Highly acclaimed, it is considered the best TV series since the beginning of television broadcasting in Greece. It has been sold to many television stations around the world.

1987: AVE TASO KARATASSO – tv series. Thirteen 45min. episodes. Best director award, record ratings for Greek television.

1985: HADJIMANUEL – TV series. Five 60min. episodes. Record ratings for Greek television. It has been broadcasted on many television stations abroad.