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30 Oct

Cyprus awarded Iannis Smaragdis for «KAZANTZAKIS»

Cyprus honored and awarded director Iannis Smaragdis for his new film “KAZANTZAKIS”, a month prior to its official screening in theaters. Scenes from the “making-of” video were shown in the grand event, while the director of “KAZANTZAKIS” deeply moved and excited, received an honorary award from the President of Cypriot Democracy, Nikos Anastasiadis, as a recognition of his important offer in art and his contribution to the projection of great Greek creators and to the Greek civilization overall.

The President of Cypriot Democracy while giving the award he said, amongst others, that Iannis Smaragdis is an internationally honored and multiple awards winning creator of culture. “…60 years following the death of Nikos Kazantzakis who was a worldwide civil, the film of the friend, Iannis Smaragdis, consists of another major offer to the projection and the work of this great Cretan creator” as pointed out by Mr. Anastasiadis and regarding the public service Scientific Constitution Fotos Fotiadis he stated “… you have been honored by a constitution that has left its stamp not only in our country but also in Hellenism”.

In the event, that was hosted in Pallas Theatre in Leukosia and was co-organized by the public service Scientific Constitution Fotos Fotiadis, the Minister of Education and Culture, the municipal of Leukosia and the Frederick Univeristy, with regards to the 60 years following the death of Nikos Kazantzakis, the Minister of external affairs of Greece, Mr. Nikos Kotzias read a greeting.

The letter, which received a warm applause by the public, pointed out “ Dear Iannis, the Minister of External Affairs and I, thank you for your great offer and creation. We will stand next to you, next to any similar cultural activity and we hope that your new film about Ioannis Kapodistrias will promote successfully, unseen parts of the Greek glance and why not, to brighten his origins from our Cyprus, the other Greek focus of the Mediterranean, where the Constitution of Fotos Fotiadis honors you by hand of the President of Cypriot Democracy Nikos Anastasiadis.”

The Minister of Education and Culture Kostas Kadis also addressed a greeting and indicated that the initiative of the public service Scientific Constitution Fotos Fotiadis to honor the glorious writer along with the award winning director, it is of great importance as in their name, the fields of literature and cinema are honored as well as the contemporary Greek culture overall.

Mr. Kadis pinpointed that the whole artistic creation of Iannis Smragdis, is distinguished by the interest for great Greek writers and artists if we consider his previous films of “Good night Mr. Alexandros”, “El Greco” and “Cavafy”, explaining that the script of his new film “KAZANTZAKIS” is based on the great writer’s autobiographical novel “Report to Greco”.

Concluding his greeting, the minister of Education highlighted that the decision of the Public Service Scientific Constitution Fotos Fotiadis to grant this award to Iannis Smaragdis for his major offer to Hellenism, reflects a significant express of honor and recognition to a worldwide fame film director, while also another factual proof that the Institution is interested in culture and its timeless values.