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18 Dec

The first impressions after the film release of KAZANTZAKIS in New York


The first release of the film KAZANTZAKIS abroad, was held in New York and it was exceptionally successful.The director Iannis Smaragdis was very glad of how welcoming were not only the prominent Greeks of New York but also the non Greeks who attended the screening and they were excited.

The director feels thankful for everyone but especially for Mrs. Olga Bornozi, the Managing Director of Capital Link that organised the whole event as well as the screening of the film in NYIT Auditorium in New York, Mr. Nikos Mougiaris who is the main supporter of the event. Additionally, he is thankful for the all the good Greeks of the Greek-American Community in New York who contributed to the screening of the film.

The whole event was dedicated to the family of Nikos Mougiaris and his nearly departed son, the actor Alexis Mougiaris.

The event of the film KAZANTZAKIS also attended the director Iannis Smaragdis, the producer of the film Eleni Smaragdis, the leading actress Marina Kalogirou as well as the actress Anthoula Katsimatides.